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I loved my experience with Snelling. I recently moved to Sherman from Dallas and after months of applying for jobs and not getting anywhere they took me in like family. They went above and beyond helping me with tips on things in the areas to getting me a position right near my house at a place that has opportunity to grow. The ladies at Snelling are amazing. They were quick to answer any questions, checked up on me and were so pleasant. Every time I encounter someone who is looking for employment opportunities I refer them to Snelling.

Chantal Z

I love Snelling and would not go to a different temp service!

Sara D

The staff at Snelling have went above and beyond to foster our relationship. The candidates they send meet and exceed our expectations and if there is ever a problem they handle the situation in a very timely manner.


Other than the rating at the top I didn’t check any of the boxes. The Snelling team works hard getting me the best for what rate we pay. With lots of factories in the area it’s hard to find people that will work for the pay.


After many years, our company has relied on Snelling and Snelling has provided for our needs daily. I would recommend them to anyone.


I came to Snelling almost a year ago as an undergraduate engineer looking for an intern position. I ended up at your desk, but by the end of our conversation I had left with no promises of a position. As I recall, you went out of your way to send my resume to several different companies. You contacted me & let me know that one of them was interested in an interview. I got the mechanical intern position at Kwikset. I worked the entire summer with them and by the time I had to go back to school to finish my last semester, they offered me a position upon completion of my degree. I have been a Project Engineer with Kwikset since January. I love my job, and it was all possible because of you. Thank you for going out of your way for a stranger. I would have never had this opportunity if it wasn’t for you pushing a little bit further for me when you could have just stopped. THANK YOU!

Steven Landry Peek, Project Engineer